Welcome to Sds’s documentation!

Sds is a collection of libraries that aim to extend and glue together a range of different technologies orientated towards rich internet applications. Although the pieces are designed to be used together, they are loosely coupled. Many may find some useful components, without using the complete collection.

The technologies glued together are:

All Sds libraries support composer for installation, and that is the recommended instalation method. For specific instructions, see the docs of individual libraries.

All source can be found at http://github.com/superdweeibe, including the source for this documentation.

To report a bug or request something, please raise an issue on github against the relevant repo.

Contributions are very welcome, from typo corrections in the docs to major patches. Just fork the relevant repo on github, and then pull request back whenever you are ready.

Sds Libraries

Access Control Module

Authentication Module


Library of common code used by other Sds libaries.

Doctrine Extensions

A collection of php 5.4 traits, Documents, Annotations, Subscribers and Filters that can be used to extend DoctrineMongoODM.

Doctrine Extensions Module

A Zend Framework 2 module for doctrineExtensions.

Sds Dojo

Sds Dojo is a very small helper library for installing the Dojo javascript framework and several other third party dojo packages via composer.


A collection of validators.

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